Our Traditions and Mission

Even though the first Multinational Company in the world (the VOC Shipping company) was Dutch, the Netherlands from an early industrial stage on were always characterized by an economy depending largely on small and medium size businesses, family companies mostly. In these family businesses, craftsmanship and sound business culture were passed on and consolidated over generations, and now some of them are the Dutch’s ‘leading’ companies.

In this good Dutch tradition the late Leonard Heus laid the foundation of what has grown outto be a lasting family business as early as in 1908, when he started to occupy himself in Germany with dredging (cleaning canals). From that moment on, already four generations of the Heus family took the business further on in a variety of activities which included even the production of bicycles and the construction of buildings. Some of them are still to be found in the rural area around Utrecht in the Netherlands. But the main focus for over more than a hundred years was on moving, handling en transporting earth, industrial waste, crud construction materials, and later on especially the mechanization behind it: dredging, loading, transporting, shipping and unloading it, road construction.

As to do all this most efficiently and skillfully, the family company became highly specialized in the equipment used in these processes, and as the Dutch actually score highest internationally on ergonomics and efficiency in use of machine equipment, tools and attachments, no wonder the Heus family and business postulated over time its main thoughts about quality and smart, effective and efficient equipment in 2 principles: The right tool is the basic rule and: Excellence through Experience.These together became the adagium, the two principle motto's of the company which also today hold an important part of our company identity, what we stand for in relation to our customers base.

Today Heuss Machine Equipment (Heuss with the double 's', thus honoring the German origin of our - family - name and business beginnings) exports world wide a large gamma ofover 300 different products, in which we cover a wider variety than almost all of our competitors internationally, and considering our heavy duty quality standards for unbeatablepricing.We invite you to take a look at all we can offer you, and you will discover that surely we must have a suitable product of your choice to cover your need for now or in the future.