GTL Series
Timber & Log Grabs

HEUSS series GTL Log and Timber Grabs have a more than usual width/span ratio than common log and timber grabs. This makes them grabbing the logs as tight as possible. The special wide ‘high Strength’ steel box structure of the body makes the HEUSS GTL series extra sturdy and resistant to any unfavorable tilting force on the grab. The GLT series come optional with a build inn hydraulic pressure accumulator to secure the grip even more whatever the event, and minimizing possible loss of material while handling. Together with our GLL & GSFR series and an excellent range of powerful hydraulic rotators, HEUSS Log & Timber series cover the entire range of your needs, from loading and unloading to handling and sorting of wood, timber and logs to real forestry work like taking down and removing trees. All the grabs in this series are made out of high strength materials, and deliverable with any mount or hinge thinkable. 

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HEUSS Special features