Road cleaning equipment
SUV and 4x4

Traditionally Heuss being a road construction company, it was not a big step at some moment when we started to develop Road Cleaning Equipment, snow dozerblades especially. At the present we can offer you a variety of snow dozerblades, starting from equipment designed for 4×4 off roads and Suv’s, up to snowdozerblades for 8×4 trucks. All our snowdozerblades have an excellent weight/strenght proportion, and are fully equipped with all the thinkable anti-impact and energy-absorbing security systems. They come in every size, and for virtually any vehicle. Mounting brackets and plates and also electro- hydraulic power packs are optional, and if not already ordered all-in, they can be purchased separately and you can find them under Accessories. For information please see our spec and price list below, or download them. For ordering or any further information, please call us or send us an email!

HEUSS Special features