BDT Series
Angle tilt Buckets

The HEUSS angle Tilt Bucket (BDT) range is outstanding in its quality-price relation. A clear choise for a simple but utter robust welded structure makes this product a reliable tool for day in day out heavy duty work. From 2 up to 45 ton, they all come with first class heavy duty hydraulics cylinders with hardened rods, well protected in the bucket superstructure and as such with a minimal exposure to eventual unfavorable work conditions. A detachable wear blade comes standard starting at 14 tons carrier weight. They are the excellent solution for: Site construction work, Road construction slope finishing, Waste handling and Grading. With their hydraulics well protected inside, through their easy possible 45 angle left and right, HEUSS BDT Buckets are the versatile and durable answer for your professional need. 


HEUSS Special features